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World Economic Forum work is now more important than ever

by Aaron McCormack on January 27, 2010

It’s time for the annual meeting of business, governement and social leaders at the ski resort of Davos in Switzerland.  Much of the media attention will focus on the battles between bankers and regulators, but the real work going on here is very, very important.

The forum has played a key role in ensuring that, during this western-oriented financial crisis, we don’t forget the billions of poor and disadvantaged in the world.  The level of organisation around Haiti’s reconstruction is fantastic, but deeper and longer lasting crises like disease (for example and malnutrition (see are still being tackled day in and day out by the Young Global Leaders group.

On the wider economic front, most people here are neutral or negative about the outlook.  We will at best have sclerotic growth but there is a significant risk of a double dip as further private and public indebtedness presents significant headwinds to progress.  The Forum gives governments and business a quieter and less pressured place to work out our next steps.  They need to do a good job, as so many lives and livlihoods depend upon it.

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